What is BowTie Pro™?

BowTie Pro™ is a modern, fast and easy to use tool to facilitate the creation of risk assessments.

The bowtie diagram is a powerful graphical respresentaion of any risk, that can be readily understood by the non-specialist.

BowTie Pro™ software is used by many companies, government organisations and universities around the world who have found real benefits in using the software. As the name suggests, BowTie Pro™ starts with the bow-tie and leads into a range of analysis modules such as Risk Registers. The bow-tie can then be used to quickly move to other analysis techniques such as our visual Layers of Protection (LOPA), Simultaneous Operations etc

BowTie Pro™ also has a range of outputs which facilitate diagrams being published to PDF and the web, and images or data displayed in reports which enables items such as critical task listings and risk registers etc to be extracted easily.

All these features are included in our product at one single price.

BowTie Pro™ is leading the way in the development of user friendly risk assessment software. This ease of use enables bowties to be created in a group session or by an individual, with data entered directly into the diagram or into the risk register.

The visual representation of the bowtie clearly shows the hazard as the knot, threats on the left hand side and the consequences on the right and can be used for effective communication and demonstrate how risks are being managed to a wide audience.

BowTie Pro™ allows a great deal of detailed information to be recorded against the controls such as tasks, task assignment, documents, hyperlinks, verification method etc. There is also the facility to link the controls to incident investigation packages and record etc.

The multiple language option facilitates the creation of the diagram simultaneous in two different languages.