About us

BowTie Pro™ software tool started development in 2004 and was immediately adopted by many consultancies, companies and government organisations around the world who have found real benefits in using it.

We offer resource solutions across all of our main market sectors, including mining, oil & gas, rail, and renewables, and across our whole consulting service range, from safety engineering and related disciplines, through management systems to organisational culture and competency assurance.

It is used by many companies, government organisations and universities around the world who have found real benefits in using the software and our services to manage the risks and communicate the controls required to a range of both internal and external stakeholders.

As the name suggests, BowTie Pro™ starts with the bowtie and leads into a range of analysis modules such as Risk Registers. The bowtie can then be used to quickly move to other analysis techniques such as our visual Layers of Protection (LOPA), Simultaneous Operations etc

The success of the diagram is that it is simple and easy for the non-specialist to understand. The idea is a simple one of combining the cause (fault tree) and the consequence (event tree). When the fault tree is drawn on the left hand side and the event tree is drawn on the right hand side with the hazard drawn as a "knot" in the middle the diagram looks a bit like a bowtie, as shown.

This is where Bow Tie Pro Limited can add real value in utilising our team of experienced trainers and consultants to ensure the best solution is delivered